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to come forth, to be known
to begin to exist, to have power or influence
to come to the end of a difficult period or experience
to reveal oneself, come out from an enclosed space
to come into view, to come up from the surface


EMERGE was founded in 2017 to provide a broad array of social, emotional and psychological services with a primary focus on adolescents and young adults. EMERGE seeks to better engage young people in their own growth process by offering innovative programs and a diverse group of professionals who are skilled and passionate about working with youth. 


Our theoretical orientation is integrative, collaborative, relational and youth-focused. Our staff have specialized training in the needs of adolescents, young adults and family systems.  Our vision is a world where young people are valued and afforded the resources they need to grow into healthy, strong and happy adults.  


The years between 12-25 are a period of tremendous growth, angst, excitement and opportunity, where the challenge to emerge is never greater.

dark skinned youth stares out of picture with clasped hands over mouth
emerge logo


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Lawrence Shweky


Founder & Director


Katrina Comaroto


Associate Psychotherapist

Aven photo_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Aven L. Armstrong-Sutton

ASW, PhD Candidate

Associate Clinical Social Worker

EMERGE Offices


1621 Oak Avenue, Suite B

Davis, CA 95616


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Across from Davis High Gym and Field

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