Adolescents and young adults need places of their own.  

Group Bonding

They need love and support to grow on the inside as well as on the outside.

They need opportunities to think deeply about their lives and gain insight and understanding.  

They need good experiences with peers to develop comfort and skill in connecting with others.  

They need supportive adults and mentors to help them believe in themselves. 

 They need family members to be engaged, involved and interested in their lives.  

 They need room to explore and develop their unique identity and sense of self.  

 They need to feel safe and connected to home, school and the community.  


While we could easily cite alarming statistics about the social and emotional risks and mental health problems facing young people, we prefer to focus on the innate developmental needs that all adolescents and young adults have.  

At EMERGE, we believe that every young person deserves to grow up in an environment with the love, support and resources that allow them to thrive.  

And we will continue to fight for change until that day comes.