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EMERGE offers individual, family and group therapy to help address social, emotional and behavioral issues that stand in the way of achieving one's full potential.  Our theoretical orientation is integrative, meaning we value and utilize many different approaches including relational, cognitive-behavioral, family systems and more.  We match our work to the client's needs and don't try to fit everyone into the same box.

Our therapists have specialized training in working with adolescents and young adults, and a strong understanding of current issues in parenting.  To learn more about our therapists, see Our Team.  

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Individual, Family and Couples Therapy

Fees range from $150-$200 per session depending on the experience and training of the therapist.


Group Therapy/Counseling

$50 per session for one hour groups and $65 per session for 75 minutes groups.  Reduced fees may be available.


Payments should be made by credit card through our secure system.  We encourage auto payment to keep billing up to date and synced with dates of service. Checks should be made out to EMERGE and may take several days to process.  


At the present time, we do not accept any insurance directly.  If you would like a statement to send to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement, please let your therapist know.  You are responsible for checking your insurance to see if it covers your therapist and therapy.  Please be aware that associate therapists are generally not covered by insurance.  




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