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The Defiant Child - Douglas A. Riley

Parenting with Love and Logic - Foster Cline and Jim Fay

The Carpenter and the Gardener - Alison Gopnik

Social and Emotional Learning

Emotional Intelligence - Daniel Goleman

I Don't Want to Talk About It - Terrance Real


Talking Back to OCD - John March


When Sophie Gets Angry - Really, Really Angry - Molly Bang

Guts - Raina Telgemeier


To be updated soon


Hold Me Tight, Sue Johnston

The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, John Gottman

Mating in Captivity, Esther Perel

Current News

Teens in Covid Isolation: ‘I Felt Like I Was Suffocating’

For months, he helped his son keep suicidal thoughts at bay. Then came the pandemic.

Cut off: School closings leave rural students isolated

Are the kids all right? Supporting your teen's mental health through Covid-19

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