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The right mentor can help a young person grow and develop as they encounter the many physical, social and emotional changes that come with adolescence.  

Mentoring relationships come in many forms, but they all require a reliable, trustworthy and attuned mentor who has an interest in helping a young person reach their potential.  

a blonde woman has her arm around the shoulder of a dark haired girl and they are both smiling at the camera

The EMERGE mentoring program is unique in its flexibility to accommodate many different levels of need.  Mentees who need some guidance and encouragement can benefit from as little as one hour per week.  However, more intensive support can include multiple hours per day or week. Mentoring sessions can take place at home, in the community or at the EMERGE office.  

A man discusses seriously with a boy

The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.  

Steven Spielberg

a boy and an older male sit and smile while holding a basketball

EMERGE mentors adopt a therapeutic approach to their work using best practices in relationship-building and an ongoing awareness of youth development.  EMERGE mentors have the flexibility to interact with youth in a variety of settings across many different activities.  However, the overarching goal is the social and emotional growth of the mentee.

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