*A screening interview is required before joining any group*


Teen Relational Groups

for 7th-9th & 10th-12th grades

Open-ended, relational therapy groups to help members connect with each other and communicate more honestly.   As trust grows, members develop a space where they can be themselves, which can be hard in teen life.  This leads to a stronger sense of identity, greater social confidence and an increased feeling of belonging in the world, which can have positive effects on many areas of life.  Groups have 5-8 members and are separated into 7th-9th and 10th-12th grades. 

Therapists:       Jackie MacNear, MA, AMFT and Lawrence Shweky, LCSW

Days/Times:    7th-9th on Weds, 4-5pm  •  10th-12th on Tues, 4:15pm

Place:               1627 Oak Avenue, Davis

Gender Exploration Group

for teens ages 13-18

Join us in community as we create a welcoming & safe space to deconstruct, explore, question and celebrate all gender non conforming identities, experiences and journeys. This is a creative space for teens to learn, reflect, and socialize with their peers.

Therapist:        Cindy Castellon-Poot, MSW, ACSW

Days/Times:    Weds, 4:30-5:30pm

Place:               1627 Oak Avenue, Davis

Young Adult Group

for young adults ages 18-23

Young adults face a variety of challenges as they emerge from the confines of teen life, into a world that is harder now than it has been in decades.  Support from peers can be extremely helpful as young adults individuate and master the challenges in front of them.  This group offers a safe space where young adults can share their struggles and joys with each other and develop more open and honest relationships.  

Therapist:        Cindy Castellon-Poot, MSW, ACSW and Lawrence Shweky, LCSW

Days/Times:    Fridays, 1-2pm

Place:               1627 Oak Avenue, Davis

OCD Support Group (Zoom)

ages 18+ , weekly, ongoing

This weekly group offer participants a relaxed and supportive environment to meet and interact with others who have OCD.  Participants will learn from each other about the disorder and the unique ways it manifests for each member.  We will share strategies for managing it and set personal goals to help members gain control over their OCD.  

Therapist:        Josh Ellis, LMFT

Days/Times:    Mondays, 11am-12pm

Place:               Zoom

Parents of Adolescents (Zoom)

parents and primary caretakers of teens 12-18

Parenting teens can be a complicated and emotionally challenging experience even for the best parents, causing stress throughout the entire family.  The strategies that worked during the younger years may no longer apply, which requires parents to develop new paradigms to best support their adolescent and young adult children.  The group provides space for sharing feelings, discussing challenges, problem solving and general support. 

Therapist:         Lawrence Shweky, LCSW

Days/Times:     TBA, contact for start date

Place:                 Zoom

All groups are $50 per session.  Anthem, MHN, Partnership accepted and sliding-scale reduced fees. 

For information on a specific group, please contact the therapist above.  

For general information contact Lawrence Shweky, LCSW at




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